claudiadesola / Plastic Artist / Spain

Drawing from the empty space that the canvas offers me with all the abundance that the painting provides.

Walking with brush in hand, heading towards the unknown, without a specific goal, stopping when there is no more.

Too many attempts, it seems like the end, but you dare to start over.

There is no light left and you pretend with more white, absent from purity, from nothing, there is no innocence, you know that everything has a limit, and that is all I can do.

I have matter, I have pigment, colour, density and texture, I have abundance, fingerprints, a voice, dialogue and time.

There is no strategy, no specific script, only the emotion and the impulse that generates the colour and shapes between them, constructed little by little, generating a scenario of sensations and characters, a lively atmosphere with the impact of my stroke.

Observing what happens, layer after layer, they merge with each other, letting their order be seen, rescuing the coherent and transforming what has already fulfilled its mission.

Errors engage with successes and together they share the pictorial experience reaching its fulfilment.

Whether complete or not, an end is granted to give way to a new birth, accepting and surrendering to that which has happened, thus producing a magical meeting of gratitude that will endure throughout time ...